Development Partners

Utah Regional Housing is a Co-developer for 85 North Apartments. URH provides housing and services to low and moderate income individuals in Utah County. URH currently owns and manages over 500 rental units.
The Provo City Housing Authority, a Co-developer, works to serve the community of Provo by finding traditional and innovative ways to provide affordable housing for disabled individuals, elderly, and families.
Trinity Housing Development is a Co-developer. At Trinity Housing Development, we identify communities with a strong need for affordable housing and work together with community leaders to provide not only housing solutions to meet the city’s needs, but also jobs to the local economy.
Utah Community Land Trust, a co-developer, is committed to providing a significant increase in permanent affordable housing types and homeownership opportunities for everyone who wants to live close to where they work in Utah County, UT.
ScenicView is a nonprofit transitional school for young adults with autism and other learning differences. We empower students with skills needed to live independent, productive, and fulfilling lives.
Established in 1999, Rimrock has become one of Utah’s premier construction, development and design-assist companies. When you select us to be on your team, we commit to achieve the greatest allowable quality within the desired budget.
FFKR Architects is Utah’s top ranked architecture and interior design firm. Our services include architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design.

Funding Partners

Utah Housing Corporation (UHC) was created in 1975 by Utah legislation to serve a public purpose in creating an adequate supply of money with which mortgage loans at reasonable interest rates could be made to help provide affordable housing for low and moderate income persons. UHC manages the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program.
VISION: Provide the world’s best customer experience every day. American Express is a major investor in Low Income Housing Tax Credit developments and is the equity partner on 85 North.
Red Stone Equity Partners, LLC was formed in 2007 to sponsor and manage Affordable Housing and Renewable Energy investment funds for institutional investor clients.
RTNF, a charitable foundation, envisions a world where all people enjoy equal opportunities to achieve health, purpose, and happiness. We make sizable, enabling grants to those adventurous organizations we believe have the ability to propel the world closer to achieving that vision.
Rocky Mountain CRC has been providing permanent financing for affordable housing for 20+ years, successfully teaming with nonprofit and for-profit developers, construction lenders and investors.
The Community and Neighborhood Services Department is made up of several divisions: Long Range Planning, Zoning, Housing, Parking Enforcement, Licensing, and Property Management/Ombudsman. These divisions work together to provide the city with an aesthetically pleasing, clean and safe environment.