85 North Apartments


  • Located at 85 North 100 East in Provo
  • 74 one-bedroom/one-bathroom units
    • 44 Senior (62+) units
    • 30 supportive housing units (adults with ASD)
  • Services provided by ScenicView Academy
  • Property Management by Utah Regional Housing


  • Kitchen/Club room
  • Library and game room
  • Bike storage and repair station
  • Sensory room
  • Roof top deck
  • Secure building with cameras
  • One block from Center Street and UVX


85 North Apartments, being developed by Provo City Housing Authority and Utah Regional Housing in partnership with Trinity Housing Development and ScenicView Academy, will provide senior, disabled, and supportive housing. 85 North Apartments will have seven floors with 74 one bedroom units that will provide an integrated affordable housing community consisting of 44 affordable senior/disabled units and 30 affordable family units with a preference for adults on the autism spectrum. There are wrap-around supportive services provided by ScenicView Academy for residents with autism.

85 North Apartments has 41 parking spaces under lease in the adjacent Wells Fargo parking garage and will provide bike storage for 30 bikes. The development is in the center of downtown Provo near restaurants, grocery stores, shopping, and mass transit.

Autism Connection

The Provo City Housing Authority and Utah Regional Housing have partnered with ScenicView Academy to provide housing for adults with Autism over the last five years. Many of ScenicView’s clients were moved into our elderly developments and we noticed that the two populations lived together very well. They are both vulnerable populations with different strengths that complement each other. 85 North will be the first large scale development for adults with autism in Utah and we believe this development will provide a blueprint for autistic housing for the US.

Utah has one of the highest rates of Autism in the nation. Nearly 1 of every 50 children born in Utah are on the autism spectrum, that’s 13% higher than the national average. The vast majority of services and resources for Autism are directed toward supporting children on the autism spectrum. But "children" with autism spend the majority of their life as adults with autism. With few resources and services available, many adults on the spectrum struggle to get the support they need to lead successful and independent lives. We believe our partnership with ScenicView Academy at 85 North will change that. Download ScenicView’s Building a Community Inclusive of Autism.